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417-418 - David McCullough - USA

 om.2012.237 - David McCullough - USA - Is That Jazz? Entrainment Series; No. 4 Quanta: "Yellow Uplift" 2010; watercolor, acrylic, printed acrylic vinyl, watercolor paper - 16" x 11"

om.2012.238 - David McCullough - USA - Is That Jazz? Entrainment Series; No. 5 Quanta: "Between the Lines" 2010; watercolor, acrylic, printed acrylic vinyl, watercolor paper - 16" x 11"


     For the past forty years my paintings have been concerned with describing the phenomenon of light in nature from a holistic perspective. I have traveled extensively throughout the USA noting this phenomena and its geological spirit in our ecosystem. I utilize audio taped music of cultures all over this planet to
assist me in feeling and understanding the earth’s rhythms, order and color energy. Watercolors, drawings and poetry are made on site to make note and cross reference feelings in a micro/macrocosm view of place.        These feelings are then woven into patterns within an architectonic order of the geomancy of the
     In the last forty years I have traveled through the ‘canyon circle’ area of the Four Corners (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado) noting the color alchemy and geomantic order of place. I have been trying to instill into my vision of nature a spatial quality that best describes her colorful spirit and sacred character. On My travels to Australia I have also made similar notations comparing the U.S. earth energy rhythm quests with watercolors and drawings made while camping at sacred sites in Kakadu National Park area of the Arnheim land in the Northern Territory and recently in Northern India.
     Utilizing myth, music, alchemy and color symbolism, my paintings attempt to tell a tale about the ecological-tech balance of man in nature. These tales are also picture poems that reflect my deep love for the earth and her ever-changing, dancing spirit.
     In 2007 I received a M.F.A. degree at the University of Texas at Dallas in Art and Technology. I am currently studying for my PhD at U.T.D and I’m researching the “Quantum Way” of creating art. I am also digitally re-mastering all my past art projects so that they can be Integrated into my new paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. These new quantum approaches to art making will continue to energize my journey into the color and poetic content of my art.

David McCullough - Collage

     My history with collage started in 1969 in Kansas City while studying printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute. At that time I began making collage art works, which were related to poetry, jazz music and social issues (ex. the civil rights movement). These early works combined photo - silk screen and lithographic images with text on paper and also on aluminum. I continued this approach to photo - collage throughout the 70's, some of which were framed in plexiglass and had paintings on the plexiglass frame. I was also commissioned to do a large plexiglass framed photo - collage that was back lighted with neon text.
     In 1982 I began a series of music and nature inspired collage works on paper that incorporated watercolor, cut out colored paper, oil pastel and plastic tape. These collage works were an exploration into the quantum world of collage, in which the many layered aspects of the surface contained sets of idea - o - grams that could be explored and expanded as the series progressed. A geometric order was used from my studies of the mathematics of crystalline structures to order their spatial dimension. Jazz, rock and world music was used to assist in the composing and rhythmical gestural movement of the painting in juxtaposition to the geometry and the collaged color cut out paper forms. This approach continued up until the mid -2000's, at which time I decided to change my relationship to the object nature of collage and expanded it into a 'verbing collaging' process. This opened up the idea - o - graphic potential of "collaging" to be more quantitative and adaptable through photography, watercolor, and acrylic technology to canvas. Now through digital software technology I can process and qualify my ideas by 'collaging' on canvas through more systems and materials that have increased the dynamic range of their color and poetic sensibility.

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