Wednesday, September 12, 2012

411-416 - Carlos M. Luis - USA

OM.2011.055 - Carlos M. Luis - 6 collages
Poet and visual artist.
Born in La Habana, Cuba, 1932
In 1962 left Cuba and established with his family in New York City. Moved to Miami in 1979 where he opened Meeting Point Art Gallery (1979-1984). Between 1991-2001, he was Lecturer of Humanities at Saint John Vianney College Seminary. Recently he participated actively in the Visual Poetry and Surrealist symposiums in Columbus Ohio, Córdoba, Argentina, Valparaíso and Santiago de Chile, publishing various articles on Surrealism in “Agulha” (Fortaleza, Brazil), and “Ombligo” (Buenos Aires). As a visual artist he has participated in solo and collective shows in Buenos Aires, Chicago, Cincinnatti, Córdoba (Argentina), Columbus, Malaga, Miami, ontevideo, Santiago de Chile and Valparaíso.

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