Thursday, July 19, 2012

294 - Jo Murray - Australia

om.2012.140 - Jo Murray - Australia

[294]  om.2012.140 - Jo Murray - Australia
“RUST“ - 5” x 7” mounted on watercolour paper 8” x 10”
handmade, printed, and painted papers, rusted iron washer.

Collage has always been of interest to me since I first saw Picasso’s works when I was in Art School. The simplicity of shapes, combined with simple line, got to the essence of a subject in a way realist painting can’t.
Since then, as I’ve progressed through various media in my own art journey, this notion has become more embedded in my way of thinking. 
While it may be regarded as ‘contemporary’, collage is really not so modern. It has been around in some form since the invention of paper. Making it ‘modern’ though is the incorporation of contemporary materials such as plastic, or acrylics, and components of our high tech age.
To be able to add such personal things as the ephemera of daily life, tickets, old rusty stuff, bits of previous paintings, gives truth to the work and adds a real connection to the artist. In this way collage will continue to have its place in modern art. 

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