Thursday, July 19, 2012

296 - Maria De Lourdes Rabello Villares - Brazil

OM.2012.142 - Maria De Lourdes Rabello Villares - Brazil

[300]  OM.2012.142 - Maria De Lourdes Rabello Villares - Brazil - FRAGMENTS  - Arquivo de Obra Fragmentos - hand made book

FRAGMENTS and Collage

This is my way: to collect fragments of the life, the Word, the poetry. I construct my history
though the history of the minimum, the remaining portion, the small one, the object and the
poetry. To tear, to cut, to reconstruct are my daily action: to preserve and to recycle are may
objectives. My trajectory in the art has relation with books of artists, artistic appropriations of
the public space, celebration of my city with the book “THE CITY AND THE MOUTAIN” beyond
expositions of art in biennal halls and others.

My relation with the collage is also a form of thought based on the principle: “In the nature
nothing is los, everything is changeded”. Thus my creative eye assimilates each thing, though
the space and super positions including the space of virtual clouds. The mutation renew that
we know. I use the collage, therefore, structurally, and, also of form to exercise the creativity,
as study and as end item. From now on, I make painting collages of screens on screens. I want
the unconventional space of picture and life.

Everything because I Know that my life will be forever a recycle collage of the other lives
and thoughts of others, in the communion with the humanity.



Belo Horizonte/Novembro/2011

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