Thursday, July 19, 2012

290 - Nicole Opiela - USA

OM.2012.131 - Nicole Opiela - Florida, USA

[288]  om.2012.131 - Nicole Opiela - Florida, USA- digital collage - 5x7 inches

Description: small inkjet print of cutup prints in water with multiple textures, pieces of a human body that resemble inkjet paper.

Statement: In today’s world of advertising and insta culture, I think assemblage and collage become an everyday stream of the images I see throughout my day. I am readily influenced by all the cultural signs from E-advertising to logos on every street corner, which has been something I grew up. I don’t remember not using a computer. I think assemblage helps me reorder my life. I like cutting up images and placing them in water thinking about assembling a new image based on my thoughts about culture, the female figure, and the freedom and its association with the body and water. This is inspired by my faith, culture, and Midwestern upbringing. I think it is an assemblage of my life.­

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