Saturday, July 28, 2012

331 - Sukarma Thareja - India

OM.2012.170 - Sukarma Thareja - India - Indian Tiger - collage on a vinyl flag

Sukarma Thareja is teaching physical chemistry in Ch. Ch. Post Graduate College in India for the last twenty years. She has a deep interest in collage art making. She has guided many students in
this creative art as she is in charge of collage, painting and rangoli activities of college.This collage
is a gift by the artist to the museum for the humble cause being done by the organizer. The artist  is
grateful to the organizers for giving her the opportunity to explore her talent at this esteem platform.
She has made many collages which can be used for teaching basic concepts in basic physical
chemistry to popularize science among students. According to her, collage making has a healing effect
on students and it makes the atmosphere of class very congenial and full of energy. This collage is
her humble effort in which it is shown that in India lot of efforts are being made to save the tigers, but
what is thought process which is going in the heart of the tiger is shown in terms of all man made activities;
pictures surrounding Tiger. Many eyes made at the boundary of collage shows that each Indian eye
wants to see that the tiger is saved------but the question is; will all effort made be successful? If not,what
is to be done. The background colour of the collage is the same as that of the national flag that shows the high spirit of each Indian for this cause ----may these efforts be sustained for ever.

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