Friday, March 2, 2012

205 - Rosaire.Appel - USA

OM.2012.060 - Rosaire.Appel - USA -  'Various Owners' - two framed 5”x7” - collages using printed papers plus ink and graphite.

Collage is such a natural activity – putting things together, turning them around, seeing what happens – I think we do it spontaneously. Cooking is like that. This is visual cooking. Collage allows me swift escape from confines of my own known gestures and mind into unpredictable territory. I’ll also add that there is such a glut of used material here – in this country, in this city, in my file cabinets - that it seems imperative to take advantage of it. Used papers are perhaps my favorite surfaces to draw on – they know a bit about life already; clean starched sheets are formidable.

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