Friday, March 2, 2012

208 - Goran Petmil - USA

OM.2012.072 - Goran Petmil - Green+Red collage 181/2 by 14, 2011
I am using different kinds of painted paper to create my work. This piece has one part from a magazine like photography but it is hard to see. I prefer hand work and work with paint. Some the areas look like print which gave new dimension and opened a new horizontal way to make the collage more exciting.

Artist Statement:
Ever since I came out to Long Island I started collecting found objects: small pieces of drift wood usually found on Southampton beaches and rusty metal objects from rail roads. I transform these pieces into small assemblages. Later I enjoy cutting all different woods and make medium size wooden constructions. These last couple of years collages have become very important in my work.
My process starts with painting using different paint, using larger brushes fast strucks on all kinds of  white paper, second stage is cutting interesting pieces and my process of creating abstract or realistic collages is coming to most exciting moment when the creative process and assemblage becoming very important for creation of art. This process of making art for me is one step higher and more creative than usually painting or drawing, I like mixing cutting magazines with collages.

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