Sunday, March 4, 2012

222 - Lou Anne Hazel - USA

OM.2012.086 - Lou Anne Hazel - Altered Egos Transformation - mixed media collage -

Artist Statement-Lou Anne Hazel

I began making collages as a child.  Using objects to create an image excited me because I wasn’t limited to a single medium.  Though my hands would appear blackened and bruised with the powders of chalk pastels, I could scrub them until they looked new again, and fashion a fanciful muse with cobalt blue ribbon, shiny buttons, and glitter.  In early adulthood I became a skilled black and white photographer.  By combining my photographs with other objects I created mixed media collages and three-dimensional assemblages. With the appearance of digital image technology, I can now embrace any medium that speaks to me.  

My current work combines photography, assorted printed materials, digital manipulation of images, tactile media such as acrylic paints, and found objects in an atmosphere that allows me to investigate whatever piques my interest.  While my work tends to be somewhat narrative, I believe that it echoes common experiences of many others from my cultural background.  As a mixed media collage artist I often step back into the shoes of my childhood, finding ways to combine bits of memorabilia into personal vignettes that I can share with others.

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