Friday, March 2, 2012

211 + 212 - Robert McGraw - USA

OM.2012.076 - Robert McGraw - USA - “Space-Time” - 11”x14” matted to 8”x10.5” -  2012
Materials: Acrylic paint, sandpaper, plastic discs, sheet plastic, “Contact” paper, and metal, on Bristol paper.

OM.2012.076 - Robert McGraw - USA -  “Voyages: New World II”-  2.5” x 3.5” - 2012 - Materials: Acrylic paint and paper, on plastic.

Artist Statement
Collage gives me the freedom to follow where Imagination leads.
Hardware, bits of sandpaper, old floppy discs, semi-precious gemstones: If such disparate materials produce the result I want, I am free to use them (...and I have). Collage doesn't constrain my imagination.

I invite viewers to join with me in the creative process by using their imagination to complete the "backstory" of my works.
[The viewer's imagination would have more latitude if I used serial numbers rather than titles, but many viewers think works without titles are unsettling. Therefore I give titles, but they are often cryptic or sketchy.]

I find joy and satisfaction in using my imagination. I hope your imagination finds joy in creating its own interpretations.

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