Thursday, April 12, 2012

260 - Elizabeth Ostrander - USA

OM.2012.098 - Elizabeth Ostrander - Eastport Beach Composition #2
found material, acrylic, paper within a sardine can
Height 4 inches  x Width 3 ½ inches x Depth 1 inch

Elizabeth Ostrander

Accumulation, serendipity, and the surprise of juxtaposition, to me, replicates life, elements that become messages artists use to create order in unified realities expressed thru the forms of collage, assemblage, and constructs…unfettered uniqueness and personal.

My on going series of little assemblages created inside sardine cans feels satisfying to me as well as integrated. I live on a island in Maine, way north in Passamaquoddy Bay looking across to Canada.  At one time its island shores were filled with sardine factories, in its heyday, its port even rivaled New York City. But fished-out long ago, today there is not one single fish factory left, now it is the art galleries turn to flourish…this another example of community being saved by Art…and so time marches on to different tunes. I walk the beaches and collect bits of nature, and parts of aged machinery, along with more contemporary trash. Back in the studio, I compose my island beach moments into the now imported sardine cans.  To me, they are like portraits of my island’s cycling history all enmeshed with mine and my assemblaged sardine-can art becomes a mash-up of moments and objects held in timeless composition.

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