Thursday, April 12, 2012

268 - Lis Gundlach-Sell - Denmark

OM.2012.106 Lis Gundlach-Sell - “Fragile” 2012, Assemblage, h 26,3cm x w 20,5cm,

Artist Statement:

Standing or hanging, tiny or enormous, two- or three dimensional, simple or complex, made out of all sorts
of paper or materials - gratis, cheap or expensive - rubbish, found objects, everyday objects - sometimes
in combination with drawing, painting, sculpture and/or photo…… crazy, amusing, beautiful, abstract,
extraordinary, subtle, cubistic, surrealistic, Dadaistic, Neo-Dadaistic, Fluxus, Pop-art, constructivist,
aesthetic, ironical, psychological, philosophic, daring, romantic, expressionist, classic, anarchist, humorous,
literary, baroque, theoretical, formalistic, lively, religious, conceptual, ugly, lyrical, poetic, prosaic, sad,
elegant, sublime, critical of society, concrete, charming, desperate, depressed, aristocratic, solemn, elegiac,
fancy, spiritual, serious, revolutionary, spherical, fantastic…...

I think what characterizes collage, assemblage and constructive art is this overwhelming variety and the
endless amount of possibilities, enough for everybody forever. The future will create new artists making
art in a way we cannot imagine today. It is impossible to know but I do believe that because of the
enormous qualities and possibilities collage, assemblage and constructive art will still be a form of art
making for future generations.

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