Thursday, April 12, 2012

263 - Suzé Gilbert - USA

OM.2012.101 - Suzé Gilbert - Maroc, July 1903 - USA - postcard collage

Artist Statement:

When I was young I watched my Polish great-grandmother gather scraps of old worn-out clothing and by sewing those pieces together, create a utilitarian quilt. Inspired by her patience in cutting and stitching, collage brings together those disparate elements of cast- off fragments of life, whether it be magazines, clothing, letters, or books.
The process of creating a new dialogue by incorporating pieces of paper into a cohesive whole is a meditative process for me, and one that continues to engage me as printed matter declines in our technological present life.

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  1. What a great site this is! Only just discovered it... Never thought of it, but collage art seems to be really big in US in particular. So many blogs and people creating collages. Thanks for sharing, will definitely keep tabs on your blog!