Thursday, April 12, 2012

262 - Kristin Reed - USA

OM.2012.100 - Kristin Reed - USA - mixed media collage
Collage, assemblage and montage have been used since the early days of art making when grasses, twigs, shells and available materials were assembled for the purpose of expression and decoration. In most of our contemporary lives it has been something available to us since childhood for expressing ourselves using small physical details from our daily lives in pictures or scrapbooks, much in the way that our life’s daily residues enter our dream world.
In my studio I often experiment with ideas by assembling scraps of things that catch my eye and are collected around my space, waiting for a “play day.” During these “free-flow of-ideas” sessions very spontaneous work comes through that is often different from my other work. The resultant pieces inspire ideas for painting and larger finished pieces. Or sometimes stand forever on their own—as a record of a moment in my very personal art making process.

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