Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[059-064] Evelyn Eller (USA)

OM.2011.071 -Evelyn Eller (USA) Collage for Collage Centennial Exhibition
Gift of the artist

Artist Statement
 I started making collages while still a student at the Art Students League in NY, and continued the practice while on a Fulbright Grant in Italy, and during a summer when I lived in San Francisco. I utilized the different papers that I found in these locations. Collage allows me to make art when I am traveling and don’t have access to a studio.
When I was doing large scale acrylic paintings I often added rice paper to my canvas. Recently, I have been working primarily in paper collage and artist’s books. I love the variety of materials that can be used in collage. My work incorporates painted, handmade, oriental, and acid free papers, as well as objects, transparent film, boxes, photos, my own prints, maps, string and text. Collage is a discipline in which I can express my ideas on memory, travel, language and nature
Additional work in the collection 
 OM.2009.001 - Evelyn Eller - collage on paper - 1967
 OM.2009.002 - Evelyn Eller - collage on paper - 1967

OM.2009.003 - Evelyn Eller - collage on paper - 1986

OM.2009.004 - Evelyn Eller - collage on paper - 1987

 OM.2009.005 - Evelyn Eller - USA - Art about Art - Handmade book with plastic case - 5x4x.5 inches

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