Monday, January 30, 2012

[108] - Diane Schapira - USA

OM.2011.214 - Diane Schapira - USA -  - "Reflections on Allusions to Memory"  Box Assemblage
This assemblage is created in a wooden cigar box. It includes both found and created objects.

Artist Statement

An assemblage is created by accretion/layering which creates the opportunity for:
  • shadows and reflections
  • magic spaces
  • architecture
  • mechanical invention
An assemblage can tell a story: I am telling a story. There are personal references and talismanic objects.
Assemblage can include the delight of the found and the chosen.
I can use objects literally, constructively, decoratively; as metaphors, symbols, aides-memoire.
Paint, paper, marker, fabric, nature: assemblage is all accepting.

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