Thursday, January 26, 2012

[083] Katrien De Blauwer - Belgium

 four collages in a single frame from "Poetic Noise"

 "Poetic Noise" OM.2011.213-A

 "Poetic Noise" OM.2011.213-B

 "Poetic Noise" OM.2011.213-C

 "Poetic Noise" OM.2011.213-D

OM.2011.213 - Katrien De Blauwer - Belgium
Four collages each postcard sized work is roughly 4x6 inches
Poetic Noise (2009-2011) Documents, photographs, leaves and other relics from the Republic of Georgia

Born in 1969 in Ronse, Belgium
Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium


Where must we hide when it comes from inside - J. Taylor

For as long as I can recall, I collect objects that draw my attention and
touch me deeply in an ultimate personal way. At first they appeared
as a random collection of endearing objects, drawings and little
paintings that later became a kind of visual diary to me. After a while,
I also began to tell corresponding stories bringing these objects even
more gently together. Thus doodling, I found - often unwillingly - new
meanings and associations within the emerging combinations of
objects, colors and words.
Later on I also began to realize, that certain painful experiences
somehow colored my life, thus emerged and appeared, unconsciously.
Perhaps that is also why each time I put something in my diary,
a thought, a fantasy, fragments of a dream, about a country, in a
sustained but gentle effort to taste, understand, and perhaps even
love that country with its specific culture, I feel as having emerged as
one with more gathered insight and new sense of meanings in the
shortfalls of that particular culture and so as I believe my own alleged
and assumed shortfalls.

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