Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[134 & 135] Braeden Dillenbeck - USA

OM.2011.133 - Braeden Dillenbeck - USA-  "SPACE AGE": Magazine Images, Craftbook Clippings, and Ink.

OM.2011.132 - Braeden Dillenbeck - USA- "The Excess of His Delights": Magazine Images, Wax Paper, Cardstock, and Ink. "The Prolific would cease to be Prolific unless the devourer as a sea received the excess of his delights." -William Blake

Artist Statement:
As a contemporary form of making art, collage is interesting to me for several different reasons. In addition to the more traditional aesthetic aspects of a piece (color, composition, etc.), collage functions largely through the juxtaposition of imagery. This seems particularly well suited to modern day society because of the widespread ability to share information, use multi-media, and gather materials from pre-existing sources. The juxtaposition of imagery has profound potential for generating meaning. When one places seemingly unrelated images in a shared context, the images interact and resonate with each other to create a layered experience for the viewer. I liken this process to a dream. When we sleep our minds become busy sorting information which we see in the form of seemingly random images, experiences, and feelings mingling in a shared environment. It is only upon waking that we realize that individual aspects of the dream were odd or out of place. In that moment of the dream everything belongs together (regardless of time or space) and works to create something vivid and beautiful that is much larger than the sum of its parts. This is what I love about the form of collage: its potential to make meaning out of the surreal cohesion of unrelated energies.

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