Thursday, February 2, 2012

[139] - Emilija Damjanovic- Noris - Macedonia

OM.2012.050 - Emilija Damjanovic- Noris - Macedonia - A Hat - 2011
dimensions:diameter 30 cm - medium: collage on vinyl music record
note: This artwork is fashion design,in collage technique


What I do is fashion design, in collage technique.
I started to work on collage in 1997 when I made few reproductions of Gustav Klimt's artworks.
Later in 2002 I studied basics of fashion design.

When I finished 1 year course, I didn't continue in production but rather started to develop my fashion
ideas in other direction.

Apart from sketching and getting a product alive, I explore and experiment with fashion as art, and
collage gives me unlimited possibilities to express myself. In the paper, I find everything I need to
present my ideas visually (forms, colors, patterns..) and the most important of all – I'm having fun with

It’s like a play; a game of puzzle sometimes. The starting point is a woman’s face and further I design
the artwork with paper cuttings. It’s like tailoring.Every piece has its story.

Recently, I have started using vinyl music records as a base for my artwork. I’m also a musician and
very much inspired by old records as sound carriers and the glow of the vinyl; therefore, symbolically I
feel like doing fashion design with paper cuttings on "the sound" or "the music" itself.

Thru this whole creative process I came up with artworks which can be hung on a wall, or become
alive as clothing,headwear, accessories,etc.

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