Sunday, February 5, 2012

[168] Gwenn Mayers - USA

OM.2012.066 - Gwenn Mayers - USA -  'Untitled' - 2011 - Found paper collage - 3 x 3 inches

Artist Statement
I make small-scale mixed media works on paper. To me, working small resonates with very personal
experiences such as reading, writing, collecting and remembering. I am, somewhat nervously,
experimenting with larger format pieces. My work incorporates references to organic/biological forms. I am interested in the interdependence between the natural world and one’s private world. Most
recently, I have been thinking about long-buried memories, intimate connections and the unraveling of
connections. My collages are steeped in my past . In my works on paper, I am interested in exploring the various qualities of paper as a surface, e.g. fragility, resilience, flatness, opacity/translucency and to test the limits of those qualities. My visual language is often about enclosures and forms tethered together, however tenuous the hold.

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