Monday, February 6, 2012

[189,190, 191] Aila Koivisto - Finland

OM.2011.126, OM.2011.127, OM.2011.128 - Aila Koivisto - Finland - collage on paper - 21 x 46 cm.

Artist Statement:
This is my way to build a collage. I'm just a small part of the English language! But I try to do everything right.  WELL -  THOUGHT  -  OUT  SENTENCES : Collage is always a new trip to an exciting world, where a path of colours and rhythm leads you forwards. I dive into the secrets of abstract and  sometimes simplified pictures. It preoccupies my thoughts. I forget time and one hour changes into one minute. WHY DOES COLLAGE INTEREST ME?   I`m  interested in collage because building it is so multiform.     I never know in advance, how many new  thoughts I find or even stories. Only imagination gives the limits and the spectrum of materials is endless.

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