Saturday, March 3, 2012

215 - Joel Lambeth - Australia

OM.2011.180 - Joel Lambeth - Australia - The Everlasting Gobstopper” - collage on panel - 12x12 inches
Artist Statement:
I see making collage works, or more specifically photomontage pieces, as a tool for making some kind of sense of the world around me.
Regardless of the subject or situation that presents itself, whether it be political, social or personal in nature, it has become impossible to have all of the relevant information in order to see the issue from all perspectives. Perhaps it has always been impossible to achieve this. However, in the modern time, with all of the multiplicity of sources of information that are available, the ability to access all of the facts has become contradictorily increasingly difficult.
Collage allows me space to take fragments, each loaded with meanings and associations, and arrange them into a form that presents (to me, at least) some kind of logical order or rationalisation, and permits reflection on subjects from a multitude of often disparate standpoints.
This can be a meditative process. In a way, the elements that are being used in the collage take on the form of a mandala, and my ambition in making these works are to attain a balance of form and (perceived) meaning.

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