Sunday, March 4, 2012

223 - Chris Rusak - USA

 OM.2012.087 - Chris Rusak - USA - collage on panel


"Collage is visual composition with elements liberated of their normal use. Collage is a way to apply media onto a surface to reflect or absorb light. Collage is painting. All the elements of painting exist within the practice of collage: line, color, translucency, stroke, the illusion of dimension. It is anti-painting, neo-painting. It is drawing and sculpture. It is an accumulation and obliteration of all other practices of art.

I began my work in collage after struggling for years to understand my way around traditional brush and palette painting. I gave up the brush and used found objects to apply the paint, but still never felt a satisfaction for or reconciliation with my compositional vision. When, out of frustration, I began to rip up papers and arrange them on a table, I realized that the surface inks were the pigment I wanted to work with, and the gestural tear of my hand or a pull of a knife were the brushstroke. The creation from destruction, a natural force of renewal, helped destroy the barriers I had encountered."

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