Sunday, March 4, 2012

251 - Win Straube - USA

OM.2011.199 - Win Straube - USA -digital print of a vintage stamp collage - 32.5 x 44.5 - an example of what the artist calls Ebullient Art
Artist Statement Related to Ebullient Arts

Ebu-Arts is the combination of many precious value art pieces (maybe hundreds or more) into ONE major work of art with its own meaning. The final product is an Ebullient and Brilliant Universe of the Arts, very much like a country or the entire world seen from space is composed of many many individual valuable communities which may be quite different from each other, yet as a whole they form ONE unique home of its very own significance, appearing in stark, uplifting beauty.

Its philosophy is that Ebu-Arts works are not the sole presentation of individualistic themes or thoughts, whatever they may be, but are the embodiment of value-enhancing relationships, in the form of individual pieces of precious value joining together, creating a “worth its weight in gold” communal body of its own distinct dimensions and scope.

Thus Ebu-Arts is NOT, and in fact far removed from “recycled” or “upcycled art,” or “naive art” or “vernacular art” or “conceptual” or “neo-conceptual” art, but it could be “made by untrained artists” or could be just basic “fine art,” two dimensional as well as three-dimensional, as long as it is made of a multitude of innate high value fine art or historical pieces, which in their combination form an Ebullient and Brilliant Universe of the ARTS.


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