Sunday, March 4, 2012

252 - Win Straube - USA

OM.2011.199 - Win Straube - USA -36 x 44.5 inches - digital print of a vintage stamp collage
Win Straube’s picture mosaics of collector value stamps, each one of which are works of art, telling their own story, plus having own intrinsic value, yet as a whole together represent an Ebullient and Brilliant Universe with own meaning and telling its own story.

Assemblage, collage and constructive art as a genre is constantly evolving to reflect the changes and evolutions of our understanding of the art world at its time of creation. The evolution of these art forms is much like the evolution of physics: we begin with the simple, solid Newtonian rules, but through relativity and quantum dynamics find ourselves in chaos theory with the butterfly effect; transformations building on the simple, creating multi-faceted works which are totally new, more comprehensive, more dimensional renderings of objects and expressions.

The Ebu-Arts philosophy is that its works are not the sole presentation of individualistic themes or thoughts, but are the embodiment of value-enhancing relationships, in the form of individual pieces of precious value joining together, creating a “worth its weight in gold” communal body of its own distinct dimensions and scope. Ebu-Arts pieces, therefore, are fascinating and mind expanding to examine. Better yet for me, when I have the opportunity, I delight in the use of “strange attractors” in the creation of such pieces of art. “Strange” because their diversity is infinitely complex, and “attractors” because in their total they are always drawn toward the behavior represented within them. Spooky? I hope not! But truly entertaining and very informative, regardless whether passively enjoyed or actively created.

That is what my submission pieces of Ebu-Arts#1 and Ebu-Arts#2 represent: In this case mosaic assemblages of a carefully considered selection of valuable stamps, each one of which is a nationally chosen art rendering of a specific subject, yet here melded into one totality of ideas and expressions, realized in one powerful unique identity of its own. To be enjoyed as a contemporary whole. Yet like newly discovered fractals, the closer the examination, the more revealing. Have fun!

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