Sunday, March 4, 2012

217-219 - John Andrew Dixon - USA

 OM.2012.081 - John Andrew Dixon - USA - Grateful Ode to Merz
Collage on Bristol
 OM.2012.082 - John Andrew Dixon - USA - Gold Star for the Plow Man - Collage on Bristol

OM.2012.083 - John Andrew Dixon - USA - Plate Touchonics
Collage on Canvas

John Andrew Dixon — a statement from the artist

After a full century, people may continue to debate whether collage as a technique was “invented” by George Braque or Pablo Picasso, but in my considered view, the seminal genius of the medium was Kurt Schwitters, perhaps the first modern artist to fully master the process. I hold the opinion that relatively few aesthetic traditions emerged from early-20th-century collage experiments without the inherent sensibilities of DADA, and I find it endlessly fascinating to probe toward the heart of creative spontaneity while unraveling the ever-present contrasts of beauty versus non-beauty, optimism versus pessimism, and art versus anti-art. In addition to being intrigued by such mindful intuition, I remain awestruck by the capacity to create extrinsic value from everyday material that has virtually no intrinsic worth. By aesthetic sensitivity and creative ingenuity, anything that has been discarded can be infused with meaning or be brought into a contributory connection with our daily awareness. Thus, the core relationship between found material and the art of collage transmits a unifying principle. When the remnants of ordinary living are physically re-purposed to inevitably resolve their unique compositional harmony, the underlying link between visual form and symbolic communication is revealed. When the literal characteristics of the ingredient elements are successfully transcended, a culminating artifact offers the potential for a shared experience with each participating observer. I am convinced that the resulting totality of emotional impressions and layered associations derive more from a deeper artistic intent than from conscious decision making. As in most improvisational activity, there is ample opportunity for mystery, surprise, discovery, and joy.

John Andrew Dixon — biographical summary

With a 40-year foundation as a designer and illustrator, John Andrew Dixon brings a new creative focus to his work as a collage artist, wood engraver, and watercolorist. His Kentucky studio is in the heart of historic downtown Danville.

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