Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[058] Janine Brown - (USA)

OM.2011.067 - Janine Brown - (USA) “Enu” is a two-sided 3-dimensional acrylic painted collage on museum board. 7.25”x16.25” when unfolded flat.


Is it a painting? Is it a sculpture? An artist’s book? A miniature screen? Shapeshifters are one-
of-a-kind folding artworks designed to create a small space in which to let your imagination
roam free. In Shapeshifters I play with expansion and contraction and differing viewpoints, as
well as offering the possibility of interaction by the viewer. The folding format alludes to the
unfolding of time and space and offers the potential of change and new vision. Shapeshifters
are constructed from museum board with mulberry paper hinges. The acrylic paint is applied
in layers to create depth and luminosity. Meditative, expansive, reminiscent of many eras, each
Shapeshifter is a unique artwork, a place to rest and let your mind wander.

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