Monday, January 30, 2012

[114, 115] Caranovic Predrag - Serbia

Caranovic Predrag - Serbia - antique photograph in a gold frame from Serbia - 4.5x6.5 inches

"I bought this picture of Gypsies in the market. At that moment I was reminded of a work by Man Ray. A few years later I realized it's probably a factory for the production bamboo hats. But I do not care. For me, this like exhibition of nothing. This is a picture in a frame kolage. This is the story of the photograph." - Caranovic Predrag

Caranovic Predrag - Serbia - 'Bullshit ...Unexpected Experience'
materials: wooden box with latch, printed matter, red velvetine fabric,
bullshit encased in a half sphere of resin
[from Fluxhibition #4 -016] 

I started the path of classical sculpture, since 1974; over the time transfer myself to Object Art. But for the last few years I have become closer to Assemblage. Now I started a new direction, from something that I have called Essays sculpture.
The shown image is montage of my effort to try to point to the possibility of assembling the frame as I am recognized.

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