Friday, February 3, 2012

[148] Anthony Cricchio - USA

OM.2012.056 Anthony Cricchio - USA - "Warped Location"  2012 - 9" x 12" Basswood with Found Objects


Collage is an art medium that inherently links the past to the present, always being an invention from one art form transforming itself from time and place. When Picasso began sticking together found objects to his paintings in the early part of the last century, who knew the literal cutting and pasting would evolve into the virtual world of photoshop magic.   Through the years collage has been used to explore architecture. From Le Corbusier and the constructivists to Bernhard Hoesli and Colin Rowe, collage has been used as a tool to explore and teach ideas of transparency and three dimensional space. Although collage has transformed into other subsets of assemblage, bricolage, and montage, the medium always retained its heart of being a starting point to an unknown end, a beginning.
Anthony Cricchio, RA
Assistant Professor of Architecture
University of Oklahoma College of Architecture

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