Thursday, February 2, 2012

[147] Marie Kafeero - USA

OM.2012.055 -  Marie Kafeero - USA -   "Sometimes We Wear Disguises 1" -  2012
 Original Mixed Media (Archival Ink, Bristol paper, Found Vintage Photograph, Acrylic
 Paint, Pencil, Glue, Colored Pencil)


In today’s world we are bombarded with imagery. Sometimes this imagery makes
impressions on one’s mind that only the subconscious can attempt to mill through
(i.e.-persuasive advertising, horror movie nightmares etc.). For me, collage is
the answer to exposing the effects of media imagery of the past and present to
determine its sometimes constructive and often destructive effects on our minds.
My studio space can also be said to exist as a “collecting point” for everything from
the most obscure printed materials to objects existing in our everyday popular
culture. The majority of my work, though often not devoid of humor, presents the
stark reality of cultural and media influence ticking ‘right beneath our nose’. In
this way, I see my process of making as “visual journalism”. I am reporting on the
impressions and effects on individuals when exposed to this imagery in our daily
lives. The juxtaposition of visual “remnants” both new and old calls into question
their role in our society. These seemingly unrelated realities lie beneath the surface
in our technological age. They are propelling us forward before we realize the
effects of our exposure. Nor do we consider any antidotal possibilities. Collage
exists as a potential catalyst to visually question. We are encouraged to decipher
and redefine the imagery in our minds.

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