Monday, February 6, 2012

[173] Robert.McKeown - USA

 OM.2012.069 - Robert.McKeown - USA Space #5: A Little Leg - 2011 - paper collage on color paper -12 X 12 inches

Artist Statement

Living at the end of the great age of print, I work in the wonderful and humble
medium of paper collage. My work is constantly developing through new source
materials and processes. I express my view of the contemporary world thought, a
vocabulary of images, forms, edge and colors. Collage has limitless possibilities.

As an artist I enjoy the hunting and gathering aspect of paper collage, the sorting
and categorizing of images. It’s intriguing to physically develop an image from
paper elements layer-by-layer, elements with their inherent scales and textures.
To create and define an image through editing, tearing, and trimming present
their own inherent challenges. These challenges are what makes paper collage
interesting to me.

We may be living at the end of the great age of print, but I don’t believe print and
paper will disappear entirely. It’s easier to have something printed today than
in the past. What is being lost is the quantity and diversity of print and paper
ephemera. These are the sources I want to save and use.

I have read that collage was the medium that defined the 20th Century. I believe
it will define the 21st Century as well.

Robert McKeown
February 2012

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