Friday, February 3, 2012

[152] Carol Jensen - USA

OM.2012.031 - Carol Jensen - USA - 'Winter Landscape' - collage - 4 1/8 x 6 1/4" - composed of torn and cut construction paper and solvent altered magazine images.

I use collage to express my feelings about what I see around me. I live in the rolling rural landscape of southeastern Wisconsin in what is known as the Kettle Moraine, an area that was sculpted by glaciers eons ago.  I'm attempting to capture the feeling of the land here - the austere beauty of winter to the lush palette of summer greens. 
My subjects also include the wide fields not long for the developer's excavator and the disappearing barns
and farmhouses.  These things are important to me and I mourn their passing.  By working small I hope to draw the viewer in.  I want to communicate the preciousness of what we are losing.  I think it is an interesting paradox that I can use bits and pieces from my very modern life, such as junk mail and current magazines, to tell this story.

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