Friday, February 3, 2012

[149 &150] Joan Schulze - USA

OM.2012.061 - Joan Schulze - USA - collage on paper
 OM.2012.062 - Joan Schulze - USA - collage on paper
Collage is wonderfully open ended and it appeals to many artists of all ages, experience
and skill. It is a forgiving process. There are those who practice perfection which can
dazzle even the most jaded. Others like myself, move quickly through ideas, moving
along in an expedient way, layering over mishaps, building to a conclusion without
regard to ‘proper’ technique and materials. My intent as an artist and writer is always to
find the poetry in the materials while being in the moment to reach something that feels
fresh and new. I offer this poem, a collage of words that I wrote in 2009.i

What is Left Out

syllable by syllable
line by line
shunning adjectives
evading metaphors
silent, impatient connections
dots of the imagination

this seamless composition
once finished echoes
like the singing bowl,
struck once
over and over

Joan Schulze
August 10, 2009

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