Friday, February 3, 2012

[151] Martin Holm - Sweden

 OM.2012.063 - Martin Holm - Sweden - Sarah Palin, Dinosaurus Rex
2011, A4-format, Printed Paper and Acrylics.
Made from fragments of Zdeněk Burian's dinosaur illustrations.

Artist Statement
I don't see my work as collage – for me it is painting: The paint I use comes with
pictures in it, and as it doesn't blend, painting with it is like the laying of a jig-saw
puzzle, one that is open-ended, and without rules. I don't stockpile material – I like it
fresh: I don't go hunting for it, it comes to me. In that way, each piece retains its roots
in the material: I work with it, not against it. Mind from matter, in other words.

In my work I (ab)use iconical imagery, both classical and contemporary, to summon
a sense of recognition. Figuring out the connection between the chosen image and the
material used to produce it, is perhaps the most entertaining part.

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