Monday, February 6, 2012

[179] Bob Rizzo - USA

OM.2008.019 - Bob Rizzo - USA - Ducksonge - assemblage
Director's note: A few years ago I sent Bob Rizzo a box of small found objects to induce him to make a work for the museum. A few months later, Ducksonge is what he sent. A wonderful fetish assemblage sculpture with a wooden duck head on the wooden body of what might be an african sculpture with collage material on it. I am not sure I can identify all of the items attached to this work but they include, various types of old nails, a mojo bag with who knows what in it, leather, feathers, chain, wooden bead necklace, a horn of something, a large tooth of something that I wouldn't want mad at me. rivets, glass vile, bells, a padlock, bits of cloth, another horn, smashed bottle caps,shells, bones, small wooden finials, a milagro of a burro, ribbon, a shoe string, a dream catcher, a quill and who knows what else on a wooden base. The whole thing was then carefully patinaed with a special secret mixture containing rust to give the work a visual integrity. One has the feeling that the work is a fetish of a protector that stands with a watchful eye ready to defend against injustice.

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