Sunday, February 5, 2012

[166] Kerry Ann Lee - New Zealand

OM.2012.065 - Kerry Ann Lee - New Zealand - Double Dragon - 2012 - 30x30.5cm - digital montage

 origin: gift of the artist

Artist Statement:
My practice explores the space between art and design, private moments and public spaces. I appreciate the tactile qualities of the medium in conflating chance elements to convey visual tensions and unexpected harmonies. Working with two-dimensional materials both digital and handmade, I source, cut up and transform graphic ephemera to reveal macro and micro details of everyday existence. Paper is evocative and versatile in its potentials to communicate. A blank page is ripe with possibility for playful invention. Collage enables me to explore the complexities of hybrid cross-cultural identities. For me, collage is an ordering strategy to generate fresh work that challenge existing representations and celebrate differences.

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