Sunday, February 5, 2012

[169] Jenelle Fleck - USA

OM.2012.057 - Jenelle Fleck - USA -“Obscure” - 2012 - collage - 4x6inches - Korean hymnal pages, Chinese script, rice paper, painted tissue and fabric on watercolor paper.

Artist Statement

Collage has a long history as a medium for expression of social and cultural issues, but at this point in
my life, closer to the end, I am interested in the beauty of collage. The process of touching, collecting,
tearing, arranging papers, adding paint, bits and pieces, is part of a very personal experience. Collage
expresses something I can’t express with words. I find it cathartic and essential to my well-being. Color
is a large part of it—again, words escape me. I find collage brings some sense of order, in a small way, to
my existence in a larger world that doesn’t always make sense.

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